Firstfruits has considerable flexibility, but aims primarily to support charities, organisations and individuals local to Yorkshire. We are open to receiving applications for grants from nationwide charities and each application is given detailed consideration. Our aim is to build relationships with the charities and people we support through visits and regular updates.

Our priorities are:

• Helping people who are disadvantaged by reasons of poverty, ill health, age, financial hardship, or disability
• Supporting people in crisis situations due to the above reasons to help give them a hope and a future
• Supporting Christian charities and organisations that demonstrate and spread the love of Jesus in practical ways

We are able to provide:
-Regular grants
-One off grants
-Gifts/support in kind

Since our launch it has been a great joy and privilege to support and financially partner with charities and organisations such as follows:


November 2014

Angel Tree Project and New Hall Prisons Ministry

Two projects helping to support prisoners in their family relationships. Firstfruits gave £250 to help provide a way for prisoners to give a Christmas present to their children.

November 2014

Caring For Life

A Christian organisation based near Leeds who aim is to help vulnerable individuals in society who are poor, with disability or otherwise in need through the provision of accommodation, long term support and friendship. Firstfruits donated £1141 to cover the cost of a Christmas Day party for all in their care.

November 2014

The Lighthouse Group

A nationwide charity working to provide a second chance to children and young people excluded from education or at crisis point. Helping these children not to be victims of their circumstances and transforming their lives for good. Firstfruits donates £1200 monthly to The Lighthouse Group to help further their Early Intervention programme aimed at primary school children.

October 2014

Hope for Justice

A charity which works to help end human trafficking and slavery in this country by identifying and rescuing victims. Firstfruits support this charity through both regular monthly donations and a one off project grant totalling over £30,000.

September 2014

Christians Against Poverty

A nationwide charity passionate about releasing people from debt, poverty and its causes through a debt help service and money management awareness. Firstfruits recently donated £15,000 as part of a matched funding initiative.

September 2014


A Christian charity based in Bournemouth and Poole working with a range of clients to equip and support them on their journey out of isolation and economic/food poverty. Firstfruits recently donated £4000 to fund two cookery courses and help establish parental community project.

September 2014

Mercy Ministries

A Christian charity based in Bradford which transforms the lives and restores hope to women struggling with life controlling issues such as eating disorders, self harm and depression. Firstfruits recently donated £12,000 to support a resident through a six month restoration programme.

July 2014

Simon On The Streets

A registered homeless charity based in Huddersfield, Leeds and Bradford providing street-based emotional and practical support for homeless people struggling to engage with mainstream services. Firstfruits recently donated £3520 to cover the annual cost of two evening outreach volunteers.