Our Mission

‘We assume responsibility for bringing to the house of the Lord the firstfruits of our crops and of every fruit tree’ Nehemiah 10 verse 13

Gareth and Rachel Henderson are the Founding Trustees of the charity Firstfruits. In 2004 as Christians, they were called into business for the purpose of raising money for God’s Kingdom, money to be used to help people in crisis and need. Following many years of charitable giving from their business, Firstfruits was established in 2013 to bring more structure to the giving process and to help identify a greater number of causes.

As a grant making charity, Firstfruits is able to provide the funding for charities and organisations working with those families and individuals in desperate circumstances. We hope to demonstrate the love, generosity and compassion of Jesus by following his example of reaching out to those in need.

We hope that all come to know this God who gave us such a wonderful gift – his only Son, Jesus, so we may be forgiven and begin a new life. John 3:16